Welcome to Empire Demolishers !
Empire Demolishers is one of the foremost specialist demolition and plant hire companies based in Durban, founded in 1951 by Mr Fazil Mohammed. It has been successfully completing numerous projects regardless of size or location, throughout the country as well as over the borders for more than 50 years.

Empire Demolishers is qualified to handle all types of building demolition, and specializes in all types of demolition of Buildings, Commercial and Residential, Industrial Steel Structures and Plants, Refineries, Material Recovery, Silos, Major Chemical Plants, Office blocks, Site Rehabilitation, Controlled Implosions and Blasting, Chimneys, Mines, Bulk Earthworks, Recycling, Environmental Remediation, Disposal and Salvage of Equipment, Asbestos Removal to a legal dumping site, as well as Site Clean-ups.

Empire Demolishers' aim is to be the leading and most recognized demolition company in South Africa and to set a new benchmark in the demolition industry. We provide the aforementioned services based on customer requirements. Empire Demolishers is committed to long-term relationships with clients based on excellence, professionalism and honesty. We believe in providing total quality, cost effectiveness and timely engineered solutions and products to satisfy all the business requirements of our customers. A core principle of Empire Demolishers is to add value to its customers and in so doing, ensuring project viability and customer satisfaction. The senior Director, Ismail Mahomed, has been with the company from its inception.

With his vast experience and expertise in all fields of demolition, dismantling, controlled blasting and earthworks, he has shared his knowledge and experience with the current Director, Fazil Mahomed, in the many years they have worked together. Ismail Mahomed retired from the company eight years ago and Fazil Mahomed has succeeded him as Director, with more than 22 years of experience in all the above fields. Empire Demolishers CC has a large range of specialized demolition plant equipment, mechanical methods, and controlled explosives available, customized to suit commercial and industrial requirements. As one of the prominent plant hire companies in South Africa, only the most effective plant, mechanical equipment and best strategies are selected to be utilized for our projects. We are registered with CIDB. We are also B-BBEE rated.
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